Ending inhumane puppy breeding.

Petland Charities is committed to ending puppy mills. Critical to this, is establishing a universal standard for animal welfare that ensures breeders are putting their puppies’ health and wellness above all else. Petland Charities is a leading supporter of the groundbreaking Purdue University Canine Care Certification that goes above and beyond existing state and federal regulations and is on its way to becoming the gold standard for animal welfare.

Purdue University Canine Care Certification (CCC):

The Canine Care Certification sets rigorous, science-based, expert-reviewed standards for breeders. The program encompasses guidelines for raising, socializing, and caring for puppies to ensure they are as healthy and happy as possible before arriving at their forever homes. It is the only program that measures the physical health, well-being, behavior, and overall quality of life for dogs and puppies raised by professional breeders.

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Lobbying for stronger state breeder regulations:

Petland has a proud history of advocating for enhanced standards of care for America’s pets. Petland actively supports legislation that strengthens animal welfare standards, regulates breeder facilities, and bans cruel breeding practices.

Advocate for improved federal breeding standards:

Petland Charities is committed to doing our part in raising the bar with respect to federal breeding standards. Petland Charities actively promotes the best standards of care for animals at the federal level.

Promote and sponsor breeder education forums and conferences:

Petland regularly participates in breeder shows and meetings across the country to educate breeders on the importance of the Canine Care Certification and share actionable information for joining the program.

We are building a healthier and happier world for pets

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